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Hey there!

Buttercal is the best way to schedule meetings.

You don’t want your full availability out there. And it just depends from meeting to meeting what slots you actually want to make available for someone.

Save 1-5 emails back and forth.

I used to use the Sunrise Calendar meet function. I have not been able to find anything else like it out there. I've tried a bunch of alternatives. I’ve been a tad bit frustrated with scheduling meetings. It kinda sucks. Other products are either too clunky or just have too much going on.

So I decided to make something I needed for myself.

My aim was to put together something super basic, simple, clean, that just gets the job done.

Thankfully it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for. I hope you’ll find the same. Enjoy responsibly! :)

For the name, I was thinking Buttercal, because it’s as easy as butter :)))

-Zach Hajjaj

Have feedback or questions? Shoot me a note: zach@breue.com