Scheduling kinda sucks.

You send 1 to 5 emails back and forth. You waste a good 3-5 mins.

And you show a lack of confidence in your approach. It gets a tad bit more annoying each time...

But there's a solution! :)

Buttercal makes scheduling pretty awesome.

Buttercal let's you send a set of time slots to person B, depending on that given meeting, or whatever your mood is for the day. There is no back and forth. Person B gets to make a choice and everything is good to go! :)

Become Awesome Again

Click & drag to pick time slots

Pick time slots that are best for any given meeting, or whatever your mood is for today.

Send the meeting link

We'll generate a unique link for those time slots you just picked, so you can send it over to person B.

Sit back and enjoy! :)

Let person B pick what time works best for them, and get back to all the good stuff! :)

Start Winning at Life Again

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